Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just checking in

I'm starting to mix up my days :) It's hard to keep track of what day it is when you are not working. This weekend Drake and I went to dinner and Gallery night. I love gallery nights! We walked around, went into the art museums, listened to music and enjoyed a couple hours out and about. 
I've also been to chuck-e-cheese a couple more times. haha Easton was not scared of the big animals on stage at all...he tried to climb up to get up there with them :)
Over the weekend we also celebrated Kylie's 10th birthday. Enjoyed some family time and she wanted to eat at CiCis. 
Yesterday we were headed out to the beach for the evening and summer showers rolled in and it started storming, so we called Summer and Chase and ended up with an un-planned play date at their house. So fun. 
We are just continuing to be on the move and enjoying the summer. I will be back at work in 3 weeks. Oy. I'm pretty sure I will be a mess leaving this guy for work, I've gotten so attached this summer and he is just such a fun age right now. (A big messy pile of fruit for breakfast time. He LOVES fruit) 
Oh and of course we have been on our bike rides just about every day. ♥ 
Have a great day...Happy Birthday to my big brother today!

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