Friday, July 5, 2013

Long weekend in the works

Drake has a 4 day weekend because of the holiday! It's been fun ♥ Yesterday morning we went golfing. Me, Drake, my dad and brother. It was fun...especially beating them all! :) I haven't played golf with my brother in a couple years! It was a fun morning, then in the afternoon we had my family over to the house for a cookout. We hung out, ate and played some horse shoes. 

 Pop showing Easton how to throw the horse shoe...
 trying it out...
 don't they realize there is an easier way to get a ringer?
 Just place it around the stake! Duh. 
 Proud boy :)
 Sitting under the pergola watching the boys play. So nice ♥ 
 We didn't want to fight the crowds for fireworks not knowing if Easton would be a fan...maybe next year. But of course our neighbors were still blasting massive ones off at 10:30 when I went to sleep, so thankful for Easton's sound machine! I am that grumpy old lady hating on the fireworks because my baby is sleeping ha 

Today it rained all day so we took daddy to show him what we do at Chuck e Cheese :) We had fun
 and then all took a nice rainy day nap before doing some shopping. Easton's big head will only fit into adult hats haha 
Spent 2 great days with my boys and we still have 2 more together! Woo shoot in the AM then onto the fun stuff. ♥ TGIF

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  1. I hear you about being the grumpy mom as far as loud noises are concerned. Aiden still sleeps with a sound machine too and I was SO nervous last night about how he was going to sleep. He did great, never woke up once! I love Easton's way of playing horseshoes, smart boy! We took Aiden to Chuck E Cheese yesterday and OMG, he LOVED it! Thanks so much for the suggestion, it was a huge hit! I will be posting pictures of it on my blog in a few days :) Enjoy your long weekend!


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