Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This past weekend we did a mini family vacay :) We planned to take my dad and mom to stay with us for my dad's late retirement gift. It was a lot of fun and I hope they enjoyed it too. 
The first afternoon we went and played golf  
and took a quick dip in the pool when we got back before going down for the night. The resort was so nice. 
Saturday Easton woke us up at 5:45...after going to bed at 10:15 instead of 8 ha! Being in a new place gets his sleeping so out of whack. We went bike riding during the morning time and hung out around the wharf until nap time. 
Then it was pool time! :) 
My brother and his family came for the afternoon and went swimming and walked around with us. Georgia and Kylie hanging out :)
 My parents ♥ 
 We walked next door to the wharf where we had sno cones, cotton candy and Kylie and my brother did a ropes course. 

 It was a fun weekend...now we are back to reality and enjoying the end of our summer. Easton and I went to hobby lobby and Party City today...I can't believe I am getting ready for his 2nd birthday party. 

Tomorrow my mom is having spinal surgery :( This will be her 16th surgery she has had due to various health issues. I hate that she is always in pain and hope that she will get some relief. This one is to help with her back and nerve pain. She has a couple areas in her spine where the disc in between her vertebrae is gone and it is bone to bone causing a lot of pain and pinching nerves. Please say a prayer that it helps. Thanks! xoxo


  1. Rachel! Okay seriously, what do you and your sister-in-law do to get/keep the baby weight off?? I mean, how old is your newest niece? Not old and she already looks that good! I need some tips! :)

  2. That bike ride looks fun! What are your plans for his birthday this year?? I need to step it up if im going to be ready for chloes on time. I hope your moms surgery goes well! Thats crazy that shes had so many...poor mama!


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