Monday, July 8, 2013

stir crazy

Of course Drake had his 4 day weekend and 3 of the days were rainy. Boo But we got some things done inside...the back splash is almost done and I painted and distressed our little bistro table. :)
Saturday I had a shoot that had already been rained out once so we attempted to shoot, and actually got about half done before the weather came rolling in again. The plan was after my shoot to meet D&E at Gymboree for class. I get a call thinking they were getting there and Drake tells me that they were in an accident. Talk about my heart stopping. Thank God that it was minor...Drake was actually the 4th car hit so got the least damage but when I pulled up and saw this it freaked me out but I was so thankful that everyone was okay. 
 Kylie is in town for her summer break time with us and we did some indoor stuff including drawing pictures of each other :) Here is her drawing of me. 
 Even though it was dreary, I had a good weekend with my boys ♥ Love these 2!

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  1. How scary to get a phone call like that!! So glad everyone is ok! Hope the weather clears up soon too.


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