Saturday, August 17, 2013

My golfing guys

Happy Saturday! :) Last week was pre-planning at work and ready or not...the kids will be there Monday. The week went slow overall...several meetings and getting lesson plans ready. Once the school year starts it will fly by I'm sure. Football and fall weather right around the corner. Crazy. Yesterday we kicked off our weekend with Easton's first golf outing. So fun and a lot of work. He liked riding in the cart...

 and holding his ball and putting it in and out of the hole. 
 Overall he mainly wanted to run around so we had our hands full. :) One would hit while the other would be behind them either driving circles in the cart or running with Easton. haha 
 We made sure to go as late as possible so we were the only people left around and were not distracting people. :) We had a lot of fun. 
Today was a lazy, rainy Saturday. We went to toys-r-us and started some birthday shopping which is exciting. We will be attempting church again in the morning. Last week was our 3rd trip and still terrible. He cried so hard he fell asleep by the end. Gah. We do think we have found a church that we really like though, so that is exciting. We have pretty much been inconsistent and bounced around trying different ones since we got married. Fingers crossed for some progression tomorrow with the separation anxiety :) xoxo


  1. Poor Easton, Aiden struggled with going to the church nursery for a few weeks too, but then he has loved it ever since! I sure hope tomorrow goes super smoothly! The golfing looks like so much fun, what a great idea!

  2. That's brave of you for taking him golfing, but it sounds like it went pretty well overall. I see many trips to the golf course for you guys! Hope you continue to like the church you've gone to a few times.


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