Tuesday, September 24, 2013

check in

Hey Guys! Since I wrote last, we made it through another work week...our evenings were out and about overall. We started going to our friends Whitney and Tyler's house to workout. It's perfect...it's right next to my work so Whitney and I get there and workout and then while we are close to finishing the boy's get there with the kiddos and hang out, then the boys workout while we play with the kids. :) Millie and Easton are also in the same Sunday school class so that is nice. 
We went to the mall...did gymboree and some shopping. Easton spent a gift card from his birthday at Dick's Sporting Goods. He got his first real putter along with some spongebob golf balls. We plan to play today after work, so he will get to test it out. :) We also stopped by to see my brother and his family one evening, Georgia is 5 months now and so cute ♥ 
 Friday evening we had a date night. We went to dinner at Fish House. It was a perfect evening sitting on the outside deck with a view of the water. After that we walked downtown and hung out at Gallery Night. Saw some friends, had some drinks and enjoyed a night out together. 
The rest of the weekend was pretty gloomy so we didn't do much outside. Did some cleaning and got out the fall decorations. Ready for the fall weather and fall festivities around the corner! Have a good day xoxo

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  1. Georgia is precious! I can't wait to hear how Easton likes golfing with his new gift, I bet he will be a pro! Glad you two were able to get out for a night. You seem really good about setting aside time for you and Drake. JJ and I need to get better at that.


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