Sunday, September 15, 2013

flew by

Geez this weekend went way too fast! The other day Easton had his 2 year check up and had to get blood drawn :( He did so good but was extra cuddly Friday night. We did absolutely nothing and it was nice. Just hanging at the house with my guys...with my fall candles going hoping the weather will take the hint and start some cooler weather rolling in. :) Excited already thinking about all of the fall/holiday things coming up that Easton will be a little more into this year than the last. 
 Saturday daddy was invited by some friends to play in a golf tournament so he went and played while I enjoyed the morning with Easton. We went to Target and the park before his nap. Then daddy got home and it was time to watch football all afternoon/evening. Easton loves watching and does "touchdown" when we score :) He also loves doing down, set, hut. 
Today we went to church and I think we finally had a little glimmer of progress. He cried as we dropped him off as usual but when we picked him up he was content just hanging out. yay! Finally, this evening we went to the Griffin's house and hung out. Love these kids ♥ 
I am not ready for another work week. blah. Pushing through knowing I have a hot date planned for Friday night :) xoxo 

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