Saturday, September 28, 2013

Good grief...I feel like I go to post another blog update and realize another week has flown by. Last week finished out good...I absolutely love my kids this year and so thankful for my job. Homecoming week starts Monday so that will be a fun time with the kids. Last Thursday when I got home from work I had a scavenger hunt from "Easton" Each card had a compliment with my next clue. :) Drake is so sweet. He said it was all Easton ♥ 
 Random side note-Easton is a beast. This is how he was watching a video on Drake's phone the other night. Oh you know, just chillin. haha 
 Yesterday we went on a family run around the pier. Nice weather and this view was a perfect way to kick off the weekend. 
 This morning we went to Gymboree and then I went and got a massage :) After Easton got up from his nap, we watched football and walked over to the golf course. I finally had my camera instead of all cell phone pics. Easton was able to try out his new putter and spongebob golf balls :) 
 Love it! 
 What a beautiful boy ♥ 

 checking out the turtles 
 tough life :)

Excited for another day with d&e tomorrow. we plan to do church and the Seafood festival. xoxo


  1. So precious! He is such a cutie! Growing up so quick!!! Enjoy being able to read and see how you are doing on here:)

  2. Easton looks SO tall in these pictures! What a cute little golfer!


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