Monday, September 2, 2013

Love long weekends

This weekend has been great. Friday at work we had our first pep rally so my parents brought Easton up and I took him with me. I wasn't sure what he would think with the band playing and 1,800 people screaming in the gym, but he loved it! He was very curious about the Panther and watched him the whole time. 
That night we went to the game and he did awesome just sitting with us and watching the game. Not so sure about the Panther when he gets close haha
hanging with Pop :)
Football watching carried over into Saturday with college game day. We headed to my parents to watch the Alabama game with everyone. Here is Easton with his cousin Georgia ♥ 
Yesterday was a pretty low key Sunday. We went to church (Easton still cries the whole time ugh!) and then napped and cleaned around the house while it was rainy outside. Today we were on the go again. This morning we took Easton to ChuckECheese before nap time. 
 After nap time we headed to Destin for the afternoon. We went right before Easton's 1st birthday for him to build a bear so we decided to do that again. We started at the play area which he loved...

 Then we headed to build a bear...
 At first he kept walking outside because he wanted the huge bear in the window :)

 He chose Sponge bob this year. 
 Preparing the heart...
 Putting it inside sponge bob along with his voice box :)

 After that we went in Bass Pro Shop to look at fish 
Look at this comparison from last September to bittersweet. 
 We finished up getting some good stuff from the Labor Day sales going on in the stores and then went through the fountains and got some energy out before riding back home. 
Great weekend. 4 days of work ahead. Birthday Party week for my sweet boy! 

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  1. Such a fun weekend together! I love that comparison picture of Easton. Amazing how much he's grown and changed. I love the tradition of going to Build a Bear too! Have a great week at work!


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