Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yesterday we had Easton's 2nd birthday party! We decided to have it at Gymboree this year, which ended up being a great decision. 
A quick family picture before all of the madness begins :) 
All set up and waiting on his pals 
Easton and Pop
Nanny and Pop with the birthday boy

taking a few warm up laps
Friends starting to arrive 

cheese! :)
Elle crawling through tunnels
Then we started the class portion of the party. :) The workers lead the kids through different activities. Everything was related to Easton's birthday and the theme we chose...sports of course. Starting it off with singing zip-a-dee-do-da
Jumping on the birthday candle and jumping into the cake icing haha 

soccer time!

The fans had to climb up into the bleachers and do a birthday cheer. "Easton Easton he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!" haha 

Then they did the "freeze" dance, and everyone officially went crazy haha 

and parachute time. Easton has so many family and friends that love him. We are blessed. 
love this boy so much

After class time we went in the next room and did cake and presents. 
Easton "blowing" out his candle...aka spitting on the cake :)
Daddy recorded it ♥ 

Rockin his new headband and eating gummy snacks. Too cool for school.  
He got some great gifts. Lots of sports stuff, books, puzzles, clothes, a swing, bubble stuff and trucks. 
All of his buddies that came :) 


After class time, cake and presents, they got free time just running around having a blast before we had to clean up. It was a great day. All of the kids seemed to have an awesome time. I can't believe our baby is already 2. ♥ 


  1. I can't believe Easton is 2!! Happy belated birthday buddy!

  2. Two already? It just doesn't seem possible. Happy 2nd Birthday Easton! Wonderful pics from his party. Looks like he has a wonderful time.

  3. What a fun way to celebrate Easton turning 2! What a handsome boy. I love all the pictures and it looks like him and his friends had a really great time.


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