Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! A few months back my brother mentioned the idea of Easton going as Bam Bam since we always hear how strong he is. I loved it! Here is our little man ready to go! Thanks Florida weather for allowing him to wear next to nothing and be comfortable :) (Cold front coming through tomorrow to kick off November. November?! Goodness.)
 We went over to the Lynch house for our annual dinner and hang out with everyone before trick or treating with 4 wheelers attached to trailers with hay and golf carts. Easton loved running outside with the dogs :)

 Group couch picture like every year :)
After we rounded everyone up, we headed out. We went for a while...Easton liked knocking on the doors and saying bye bye to the people, but he was definitely not sure about all of the scary random things walking around. We got enough candy and headed home where my brother and Rose came by...once they knew we were doing Bam Bam, they dressed Georgia up as Pebbles. :) How cute are these babies ♥ 
And of course my year to year comparision. :) I just love looking back and comparing while he is changing so much. Honestly, in my head I was thinking he hasn't changed that much since last year, then I uploaded these and wow. He is a big boy now. 
We had a great day. Happy Halloween! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ride along and racing

Yesterday after work we went up to the fire station to give them a thank you card from Easton for everything they did when responding to our 911 call last Sunday. 

They gave Easton a tour of the place and he was just making himself at home. :)

Then they asked if he wanted to take a ride in a fire truck! He wasn't sure getting in, 
but when we started going he was into it. 

After that we were home and I was taking care of both my boys. Drake ended up having a 102.5 temp through the night and felt terrible. Today I spent most of the morning cleaning and putting lysol on everything. :) Then we were off to the Monster Dash for Easton's first race haha 

 It was so cute. He was cracking up while we were running. 
 yay #12! 
Happy Saturday! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scariest moment of my life

These past few days have been a total whirlwind. It is crazy how your life can change in an instant. We were having a great weekend with Kylie in town, we went to Gymboree, went to the park, watched football with the whole family and Sunday morning we went to watch Kylie at her horse lessons before we went and played golf. Easton being happy, full of energy and running around everywhere...
We were at my parent's house after golf and it was time to eat dinner. We put Easton in his high chair while we ate and realized he wasn't really eating like he normally would. Drake went to take him out and said he felt really warm so we took his temperature and it was 101.7 and he was acting lethargic. He went from running around to fever in the span of a few minutes which was so weird. We headed home to give him a bath and some medicine to help him feel better. 

Once we got home we were both in the bathroom helping with Easton's bath and he was whiny. Drake was holding him and had just finished washing him and he appeared to slip to the side...luckily Drake was holding him and went to go help him back up and when he did, Easton's body was just limp. As soon as we saw that Drake starts yelling, "Easton, Easton?!" And I take off down the hallway to call 911. As I go to get the phone Drake is yelling, "Call 911! He's not breathing!" We are both in total panic mode and as I am fumbling through getting to the keypad to call 911 I am trying not to lose it knowing my baby is in the other room not breathing and what if they don't get here in time. I get them on the phone and am frantically giving the lady our address and telling her what happened and to please hurry. Once she said they are on their way, she said I need you to calm down and tell me what happened so I can help you. A switch went off...I went into total focus mode and knew I had to keep it together. I run back in the room and I will never forget the image of Drake holding Easton in a towel and Easton is just lifeless. Totally blue in his face, eyes rolling and not breathing. 

I tell Drake that we have to focus for Easton. After what we think was about a minute and a half he starts breathing a little but very erratic. At that point we laid him on his side in case he had another seizure so he wouldn't throw up on himself and I am talking to Easton and telling Drake whatever the operator tells me. "Go unlock the door for the fire department" "Turn on the outside lights" then Easton starts a very faint and exhausted whimper. Thank God. The firemen and paramedics arrive and I am talking to Easton, rubbing his head while giving them all the info they need. I hear Drake in the hallway crying so hard. I carried Easton to the ambulance and neighbors were all out wondering what was going on. We had to keep him naked to try and bring his temp down on the ride to the hospital. Poor baby was crying so hard and shivering the whole ride with monitors on him. Drake sat up front and called his mom and dad to let them know what was going on. He had what is called a febrile seizure. It is caused not due to how high your fever is, but how fast it takes over your body and your body shuts down to try and cool off. We found out that it is pretty common in ages 6 months to 6 years. Several kids who have them will only have one their whole lives and we pray that is the case with Easton. 
Once we got to the ER and he had several tests done he finally settled down...but not until he got some ice chips and football on the TV. :) We were sent home and had to give him meds every 3 hours. Yesterday was up and down. He had a spike of fever around 5am where he woke up throwing up and not feeling well at all and then another spike around lunch time to 104.8 and we were back at the doctor with him in his diaper and cool rags all over his body trying to cool him off. No strep, no ear infection or flu. Just a random very aggressive viral infection is what caused this. Today has been much better and we are still doing meds but on the upswing of this whole thing. 

We will now carry meds with us at all times if and when Easton gets even a low grade fever we have to act quick to make sure it doesn't go up too fast and cause another seizure. We talked after everything about how much worse it could have been. 5 minutes earlier and we would have still been driving in the car with him possibly having a seizure in the backseat and us oblivious. The fact that Drake was holding Easton at the moment it happened so he didn't hit his head. So thankful to God for our blessings through all of this. Love my baby so much ♥ 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Another week in the books

Some quick things from this week :) 
-We took Easton to Sesame Street Live
 -They are doing a Halloween 5k at my work so I was looking at the flyer the other day and realized they have a mini monster dash (4 and up) and a mini-mini monster dash (under 4) so I had to sign Easton up :) I called to see what they did for the mini-mini and they literally do 1 lap around the track haha
-Cruising with my boy 
 Yesterday Kylie got in town for the weekend and we all went to the fair
 Easton and daddy riding the planes. This one was okay...the next one...tears were shed. 
 -Big boy underwear and it's Friday! woo hoo 
Have a good weekend! xoxo 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall makes me giddy

Fall is so flippin amazing. This morning we went to sweet season farm. We have been to this farm every fall and they continue to get bigger and add things each year. It's become pretty popular. I LOVE taking pictures year to year and  really sinks in how big Easton is getting when I see them side to side. So bittersweet. 
The fun factor has officially went to the next level this year. Things that we would do last year, but Easton would not really care about either way have all of a sudden become these amazing and funny games to him. :) 
 He LOVED the "corn popper" this year. He was getting some air with daddy ♥ 
Watching my boy love life ♥ 
 Nanny came with us too :)
 They rode the cows together

 It was a great morning!

Monday, October 7, 2013


Today after work we headed over to Holland Farms. This was our 1st time taking Easton and we had such a great evening together! You get boiled peanuts, play, see animals and take a tractor ride over to the pumpkin patch to pick out your pumpkin to take home. 
 Now all of this is great, but you know what makes it even better?! We had the whole stinkin place to ourselves. I looked up their hours and they are one of the few places open all week as far as fall events go, so I figured a Monday evening would be the least crowded. ha yep
 Hanging out in the corn pit 

 He loved the animals

 I may or may not have done it too :)
 It freaks me out how big he looks here. 
 Ready for our tractor ride...

 cracking each other up :)

 Picking out his pumpkin

Such a great way to kick off the week! xoxo