Friday, October 18, 2013

Another week in the books

Some quick things from this week :) 
-We took Easton to Sesame Street Live
 -They are doing a Halloween 5k at my work so I was looking at the flyer the other day and realized they have a mini monster dash (4 and up) and a mini-mini monster dash (under 4) so I had to sign Easton up :) I called to see what they did for the mini-mini and they literally do 1 lap around the track haha
-Cruising with my boy 
 Yesterday Kylie got in town for the weekend and we all went to the fair
 Easton and daddy riding the planes. This one was okay...the next one...tears were shed. 
 -Big boy underwear and it's Friday! woo hoo 
Have a good weekend! xoxo 


  1. How did he like Sesame Street Live? Chloe is going to be Elmo for Halloween. :) And big boy pants?? Is he potty trained or are you in the process? That is something we haven't tackled yet...

    1. Hey! :) He liked it...literally a dear in headlights the whole time, wasn't sure what to think about a 26ft tall big bird from the 3rd row. Oh and big boy pants because I bought his first pack that day...totally not trained! He peed on the carpet a few minutes after this picture haha. We put him on before bath time but we plan to really tackle and let him go naked over my Christmas break home with him.

  2. I had to comment on this too and was wondering about the potty training as well! I wrote on my blog a few months ago that we tried potty training Aiden for a day. DISASTER! So many of the blogs I follow have potty trained their girls already. Our boys just must not be interested yet! :) I added you on FB today, I saw Josey and Steph were friends with you already. I have debated taking Aiden to see the movie "Planes" several times, but decided not too because I wasn't sure if he'd get anything out of it. I think we will rent it instead and see how he does with that.
    I was going to ask, what did you do to train for your half marathon you ran awhile back? I seriously would LOVE to do one, but am struggling to find what training program to use. Did you just run constantly and did you end up running the half on the treadmill before the race? Here's my email:
    I'm thinking of signing up for one in June. How long did it take you to train?


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