Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall makes me giddy

Fall is so flippin amazing. This morning we went to sweet season farm. We have been to this farm every fall and they continue to get bigger and add things each year. It's become pretty popular. I LOVE taking pictures year to year and  really sinks in how big Easton is getting when I see them side to side. So bittersweet. 
The fun factor has officially went to the next level this year. Things that we would do last year, but Easton would not really care about either way have all of a sudden become these amazing and funny games to him. :) 
 He LOVED the "corn popper" this year. He was getting some air with daddy ♥ 
Watching my boy love life ♥ 
 Nanny came with us too :)
 They rode the cows together

 It was a great morning!

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