Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! A few months back my brother mentioned the idea of Easton going as Bam Bam since we always hear how strong he is. I loved it! Here is our little man ready to go! Thanks Florida weather for allowing him to wear next to nothing and be comfortable :) (Cold front coming through tomorrow to kick off November. November?! Goodness.)
 We went over to the Lynch house for our annual dinner and hang out with everyone before trick or treating with 4 wheelers attached to trailers with hay and golf carts. Easton loved running outside with the dogs :)

 Group couch picture like every year :)
After we rounded everyone up, we headed out. We went for a while...Easton liked knocking on the doors and saying bye bye to the people, but he was definitely not sure about all of the scary random things walking around. We got enough candy and headed home where my brother and Rose came by...once they knew we were doing Bam Bam, they dressed Georgia up as Pebbles. :) How cute are these babies ♥ 
And of course my year to year comparision. :) I just love looking back and comparing while he is changing so much. Honestly, in my head I was thinking he hasn't changed that much since last year, then I uploaded these and wow. He is a big boy now. 
We had a great day. Happy Halloween! 

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  1. Haha, I love the look back photos. I need to add those to my Halloween post this year. That is a couch full of cute kiddos!


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