Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ride along and racing

Yesterday after work we went up to the fire station to give them a thank you card from Easton for everything they did when responding to our 911 call last Sunday. 

They gave Easton a tour of the place and he was just making himself at home. :)

Then they asked if he wanted to take a ride in a fire truck! He wasn't sure getting in, 
but when we started going he was into it. 

After that we were home and I was taking care of both my boys. Drake ended up having a 102.5 temp through the night and felt terrible. Today I spent most of the morning cleaning and putting lysol on everything. :) Then we were off to the Monster Dash for Easton's first race haha 

 It was so cute. He was cracking up while we were running. 
 yay #12! 
Happy Saturday! 

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