Sunday, December 8, 2013

Playing and Parade

Christmas is getting closer :) I love this time of year! Well...minus the fact that it is dark early. Easton loves being outside and by the time we get home from work during the week we have about half an hour to rush outside and do something. This weekend has been pretty low key, but still lots of fun. Yesterday we watched the Christmas parade that comes near our house each year. Jenn brought Dean over and the boys played while they waited for the parade to start and then stayed after for a while and hung out at our house. 

 Easton liked seeing Santa and the grinch, but was not a fan of the loud sirens and motorcycles. 
Today we went to the park, napped and went on a bike ride this evening. Now we are off to get groceries...the weekends go way too fast! :( Have a good week! xoxo

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