Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back in our groove

Our heater got fixed yesterday so after 4 days at my parents, we are back in our own bed. :) Yesterday I also went and ran a new sidewalk they added close to our was great because it is near the park and each side is exactly a mile. So I went straight from work, ran 4 miles and then met D&E at the park to play. 
 (Pop and Nanny took Easton to Chuckie Cheese today, so I got some pictures at work of him playing ♥ He's getting so big) 
Overall it's been a pretty typical week I guess...Easton did have speech today and had another good day :) Did a good job asking for "more" while playing puzzles with the therapist. We just do more things with him that require him to talk in order to get what he wants. She was holding the puzzle pieces and he was trying to get them and she would just sit there and not let go until he attempted some kind of verbalization and then he would get the next piece. 

Well, I guess that's it for now...3 day weekend coming up! Can't wait ♥ 

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