Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beauty in the storm

Happy Sunday! This weekend has gone by WAY too fast. Everything is so up and down lately...even the weather. Yesterday morning it was so gross outside, storms and lighting everywhere. By the time lunchtime was here, this is what it turned into...
 I can't help but think about our current speech situation in the same way. Right now we are in a gloomy spot with worry for Easton. But I am really trying to make a point of when I want to worry, to stop and pray instead. I know one day this will be past us and Easton will be doing great. 

So, once it cleared up yesterday we went downtown and enjoyed the weather. We went to the park where Easton loves to just run for days! We played, looked at fish and then went on a bike ride downtown. It was really an awesome afternoon! 
Last night we headed to my parent's house because our heater decided to stop working. Dang it. So we had someone out to look at it and the parts will be in a couple days to fix it, so we are having sleepovers at my parents the next couple days haha

We went to the local college's basketball game and watched them upset the #1 team in the nation. It was a good game...on the way out we stopped so Easton could get a picture with Roy Jones Jr. :) The best pound for pound fighter in the world. 
Well, I am headed outside and enjoy the weather the rest of the afternoon. Have a good week! xoxo

*PS-Easton saying the few words that he can repeat back. Please is just "Pa" with the sign. Also, when he gets off the bed he says the "ah ba" that he uses for almost everything else. Again, just posting for us to monitor progress ♥ *

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  1. Great job Easton! I think that in a few months, you will be looking back at these posts amazed at how much progress he's made. This is a great place to document his progress. It looks like beautiful weather there, I'm jealous. We are covered in snow here in Wyoming :-( I love how active Easton is and how he loves to be outside and play. Aiden is an outside boy too. I think this Spring will be a great time to potty train him b/c he can practice going outside! LOL
    Have a great week!


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