Sunday, January 19, 2014

Busy, Tired, Awesome

Getting ready to leave work Friday afternoon, my assistant asked what we had planned for the weekend. After I went through our plans she laughed and said, "Do you guys ever just stay put?" We are definitely always getting into something :) Yesterday morning I went and did a color run with my brother and niece. 
About to get blasted...

it was a beautiful day and a lot of fun to hang out with Kyle and Kylie. 
our after shot :)
headed home to get a quick shower and lunch before heading to shoot a wedding all afternoon. 
After the wedding I was back home and we got ready and went to a hockey game with everyone. Easton did such a good job at the game, just sitting in his chair like a little man and watching the game...only getting up when he needed to dance to the music they were playing ♥ 
Today we were up and had to get outside, it was so nice again. We actually did the exact same thing we did last weekend downtown. Ran around at maritime park and then went for a bike ride along the water. 

 oh these two ♥ 

 After downtown, we went to my parents for lunch and to hangout. I'm glad I got to see Kylie a good bit both days while she was in town.We played some home run derby in the front yard and went for another bike ride. 
It's been a great weekend! Drake is working tomorrow, but I get the day with my boy. :) Have a good week!

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  1. Color Me Rad is such a fun time! I ran that last year and I was COVERED in color. I feel like I took several showers to get the color completely out of my hair. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!!


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