Monday, January 20, 2014

Day off

I am having an awesome day off with Easton :) This morning we went to Gulf Breeze and started at the park...
 Easton wanted to go exploring, so we walked around checking everything out since it was a new spot for us. He watched the big boys play baseball and kept trying to sneak through the gate to go play with them. 
 Checking out the football field...
 getting some water after running hills :)
 After that we went over to the beach. Beautiful day!!
 looking for fish 
 we walked the pier and then Easton chased some birds ♥ 
 He was confused when I wouldn't let him run straight into the water. haha A couple of months and we will be diving in! 
Now we are hanging out at the house waiting for daddy to get home from work. Looks like Easton will have another failed nap attempt today :( I think he has napped twice the last week and a half. He just has too much to do I guess :) Well, I'm off to get some cleaning and other to-dos checked off my list. ♥ 

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