Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

Well, I just got the call that we are off of work tomorrow! 3 days out this week, which would be great if we didn't have to make up the days including part of our spring break! Ugh. I know people up north are laughing at us right now. This would be awesome if it was actually snowing and we could go out and play, but we have all ice :( Florida is not equipped with anything to help the roads improve...mix that with a bunch of drivers that are not used to it and it's not good. 
 We are definitely hanging at the house. 
 Easton was not a fan. 

At least one of my kids had fun haha 
 Winter is lame! We are SO ready for our Florida weather to come's supposed to be 68 Saturday Yay :) 


  1. I giggled at Easton's face when he saw the ice! He doesn't look too impressed! How awesome though that you guys got a few snow days? (The part of making them up sucks). We only get a snow day if the buses can't get to the rural kids if the snow is too much. (which rarely happens here in WY) Aiden really loves playing in the snow, but I can imagine he would freak out if he saw the ocean :-) Amazing what strange weather we have all been having across the USA. Hope you guys are back to your warmer weather soon, I'm SO jealous! I HATE winter! :-) LOL

  2. It is so weird to see you guys all bundled up! I'm used to shorts and tank tops when I click onto your blog, haha! We have hardly had any snow yet this winter either, but we were just talking about how our snow days came in February last year. It seems like winter starts later and later for us so we are not out of the woods yet. Hope you've had some fun hanging out at home the last few days!


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