Monday, March 10, 2014


Easton you are 2 1/2 today :) Just wanted to write a quick update at what your life is like these days. You love to jump and flip on everything! Jumping on the bed, flipping all over the couch, or just holding your body in a weird balanced position that takes a lot of coordination to do. You just love anything that involves your motor skills. Outside is your favorite place to be and we are definitely there if the weather is nice, You are very intrigued by your shadow.  You are just not that into your toys, but out of your stuff you usually like to do puzzles. Your favorite things to watch are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. You are compassionate and like to tuck your stuffed animals into bed. 
You are making some progress in your speech, baby steps, but that's okay. You are making more animal sounds and doing so much better at mimicking our movements. I know you will be talking soon and we can't wait to hear everything you have to say. ♥ You like pointing out things when we drive, especially all the "wa wa" You are still obsessed with your strawberries and also love ice cream. You are still shy at first around people and then silly once you are comfortable. You have been closing your eyes when you get shy thinking that no one can see you if you can't see them :) 

You are wearing 4T and some 4 size clothes. Size 9 shoes. You weigh 37 pounds and are 3'3'' tall. You're the coolest kid ever and we love you so much ♥ 

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  1. Today Aiden turned 2.5. I can't believe our boys are so old now. It's incredible to read everything Easton is up to, because Aiden is doing most of the same things. Easton would be such a fun friend for Aiden!


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