Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Girl time and good ears

Hey guys! I have had a good handful of days, wrapping up an awesome break and transitioning back to work. Over the weekend, I met up with Sydney Saturday and we spent the whole day together catching up, I haven't seen her since last summer ended so it was really nice. We sat by the pool for a few hours to start the day, went and got lunch together, stopped for pedicures, went shopping, got ready and went downtown for a bit. She told me about a job offer with a local baseball team, so she is coming back for good through this summer! :) So excited to get to hang out with her again, and have my workout buddy back! 
So yesterday it was back to the grind. :( But as hard as it is to go back, I definitely feel refreshed and motivated to tackle the last 9 weeks of school with my kids. Also, yesterday was Easton's appointment with the audiologist. It went great. We went in and got seen fast (always a plus) and then we went back to a room and they first had to stick a couple things in each ear to test his ear drums and other things that he didn't have to respond to, but he had to sit still and be quiet. He sat very still and did so good! :) After that I went into the sound booth with him and since he is so young, they talk into different speakers around the room and see if he will stop and look at them. When he did, little lights went off and Minnie and Goofy were there haha He did great and even answered her questions through the speakers when she was at a low volume, she asked things like what a pig said and he picked up the puzzle piece in front of him with the pig and snorted. 

Since he did such a good job, we went to get yogurt after. He was eating his birthday cake flavor and after every bite just started going, "mmmmm" :) 
Once we got home, I got the mail and these came! I know it's a month away but I cannot wait to see Easton's reaction when Mickey comes skating out! He is obsessed with Mickey these days. ♥ 
Have a good week! xoxo

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  1. Aiden is OBSESSED with Mickey too. He has 2 stuffed Mickeys and Minnies that sleep in his crib with him. His favorite episodes is the "Aye Aye Captain Mickey" because of that song "Down Bubble" and the "Handy Helper" episode. Easton will LOVE the Mickey Mouse show, I can't wait to see pictures of his reaction when he goes! I'm so glad to hear that Easton's ear check went well. We still keep him in our prayers!


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