Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So yesterday was Easton's first day of gymnastics haha He won't be able to do any sports until this fall I believe when soccer starts for his age group, so we signed up for gymnastics to get him into something with structure to it. 
 I'm SO glad we are doing it! It is an 8 week program and Easton loves the activities...
 BUT let's just say he is obviously the new kid. haha There are 3 other kids in the class, 2 of which are returners and know the routine. So, we start out great doing stretches and rotations in a couple small rooms with just our group. After that we had a couple minutes left and ended in the HUGE room with a million people doing gymnastics and got to do trampoline time. Easton has done it before at kidnasium, where it is an open gym and you do whatever you want, so he didn't understand the concept of sitting and waiting his turn. (oh boy) Drake and I kept sitting him back down and feeling embarrassed that he was the kid not following directions. He wasn't bad or throwing a fit, he was just pointing at all of the stuff he wanted to do and trying to get to it. 
It's finally his turn and he is supposed to jump with legs out and in, out and in...well he takes off jumping with a huge smile, gets his air and dive bombs face first cracking up. Oops. Parent fail. I'm so glad we are doing it so that he can learn what he needs to do in a class type situation. Here is a video at the beginning when we were in the small rooms. We went through rotations and then they had to go one at a time and demonstrate their favorite thing. He kept stopping on the way through waiting for everyone to clap :)

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  1. That video is so cute! Honestly I think it's really good that he's going through on his own like that for his first class. We've had Chloe in gymnastics for about six months, but the parents help the kids with everything. We've stepped back a little in the last few weeks, but generally we help with each activity. And yeah, we've had a couple classes where I wanted to leave I was so embarrassed with how Chloe wouldn't listen and wanted to just run off doing her own thing.


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