Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Speech update

I really haven't updated as much as I probably should, but it's because I guess not much has changed. Speech happens every Wednesday afternoon for an hour and it goes good, the therapist leaves, we work on things all week and repeat the following week. So, Easton still has his handful of words and has recently added several animal sounds and "bow" like taking a bow and "no" this week. But for most words, he will only repeat when he is prompted to do so. Some of them are spontaneous which is what we need more of- He will do "wawa" when driving over bridges, "nanny" when going into my parent's neighborhood each morning and "more" when he really wants more of something.

So this week before she left, we kind of started talking like, what's next? We are stuck in this painful stage of waiting and not knowing and unfortunately at his age it is so hard to know what it going on. I really like our speech therapist, she has been doing it for 30 years and said that Easton is very unique in that he may show signs of one thing but other things that lead her away from it. He will sit and play with her and is just so quiet. The apraxia word was brought back up tonight, but she said most kids who have that tend to get frustrated and clearly he is not...bless his little heart, he is such a sweet kid. ♥ Kids that she started working with about the same time as Easton are for the most part advancing in their language and Easton is still having a hard time.

I mentioned something about having his hearing checked and she was surprised, because she was thinking it had already been checked, so I will be calling first thing in the morning to schedule that. That could be a huge factor she said, but at the same time, he responds to us and does commands just fine, so who knows. If that checks out okay we will continue speech and then in the near future if he is still not progressing in certain areas, she said she was going to refer us to a neurologist to see what they have to say.

I'm having one of those nights. I think I have been fine, because I avoid thinking about it, so tonight having a serious conversation about it again just brought up all of the emotions. I am just frustrated. Sad for Easton. He is the sweetest baby and I hate to see him trying so hard and just not getting it. So, I guess in a nutshell nothing has changed, it is a mystery still to all of us why he is having a hard time, with the hope that this all turns out to be a language delay that he is able to move forward with.

Thanks to those of you that say an extra prayer for him. ♥


  1. Hugs and prayers for you guys. This must be so stressful. I hope you can find answers soon! ♥

  2. I will pray for you guys. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be. My mom is a nanny for two boys and one of them goes to speech twice a week because he has a long way to go. The good news is that it's very obvious how happy Easton is...he seems like such a little sweetheart and he's very happy! :)

  3. Thinking of you guys. I think of you often actually and wonder how Speech has been going, so thanks for the update. I'm sure it's emotional and stressful not having answers, but I hope over time you can start to weed possibilities out, with the hearing appointment first up, and get to a cause.

  4. Oh Rach, I had been hoping he was progressing more easily with the help of the speech therapist. I'll definitely say an extra prayer for your family tonight.


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