Sunday, April 20, 2014

Best days of my life.

We were back out and about this evening and headed downtown for a bit. Drake got some pictures of me and Easton and I'm so thankful he did. Easton is so sweet and loves giving big hugs and kisses these days. ♥ We walked around and played in the grass and then went down to the pier where Easton chased birds forever. So thankful for these days. ♥ 


  1. That last picture made me teary-eyed. SO beautiful, and such a true representation of love between you and Easton. There are days that Aiden still lets me snuggle him close like that, and I just love it, so precious! Our boys are growing up way too fast, and I know they won't want us to snuggle them for too much longer so I have to soak it in now!

  2. These pictures are just the sweetest!


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