Monday, April 28, 2014

busy busy has been a busy few days! Last Wednesday I loaded up with 7 teenagers for Orlando. I took some of my production students to the state journalism competition. The first day we left at 5:30 in the morning and I drove us 7 hours straight to the theme park :) Then the next day competitions started. My kids were up until 7 in the morning editing productions that had a deadline of 8:30. I am so proud of them! We came home with 2 All-Florida awards (the highest ranking) and then one of those was chosen as the "best of the best" for the entire state! So proud and I really love my group this year. 
 We got home Saturday afternoon and then a couple hours later we were off to Disney on Ice. It was amazing! The show is fine, I've seen it before but to watch Easton's face watching it...priceless. He was unsure what all was happening at first but then it was pure amazement and excitement. So much fun! 
 Yesterday we tried to play catch up a little and went by our lot and took care of all the weeds and overgrown grass that were on it...
 Still kind of surreal that this will be our backyard in a couple years and that it is all ours. :)
 AND last but not least Easton had to get the Mickey underwear from target last night haha He's getting so big! :( Have a good week!


  1. Is Easton potty trained?! He's growing so big and tall!
    Congratulations on the award, I'm sure your students are so excited and you must be so proud of them. Keep up all the good work!
    Also, didn't Easton have an appointment while you were gone? How did that go?
    Enjoy your week! Only a few more now then it's SUMMER!!!!

    1. Oh yea! I totally forgot to mention that appointment! It went good, my parents and Drake loved the neurologist. She sat with them for an hour answering questions...I missed a lot, but in a nutshell she thought Easton was great, she ordered some blood work that we have to get done soon. She wants to check for any deficiencies in his blood. If all of that checks out then we go back in 4 months and she will do a scan of his head. Oh...and no Easton is not potty trained, honestly we haven't really tried yet because all of our focus is on his speech stuff right now, but I plan to tackle potty training next month when I get off for the summer, dedicate some days to being home with him running around naked. :) He has shown an interest lately and actually asked to go the other day at my parents (going into the hallway and doing the sign for please over and over and my mom asked if he needed to go potty and he said "Nyea" and he did :) We just let him put on a pair for a little bit last night because he loved them haha

  2. That is fantastic about your kids!! And I am so jealous of your future backyard; I can picture many nights of entertainment for you and family and friends in the future. I was going to ask about potty training but saw your comment above. We are just starting to work on it and it is slooooooow going.


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