Friday, April 18, 2014

Lazy Day

Since today was Good Friday I got the day off with my boy ♥ Unfortunately it stormed all morning but it was actually kind of a nice excuse to stay in our PJs and just hang out. We read books, ran up and down the hallway a million times, hid Easter eggs, did some laundry and watched cartoons. Easton is such a good helper with the laundry :) I hand him the clothes out of the washer and he loads them into the dryer for me. 
 This is Easton's new face :) It started from hiding eggs inside (which we discovered he LOVES finding eggs this year) and every time he finds one at my parent's during the day my mom opens her mouth wide with excitement and then followed by coming home to me doing the same thing. Now he does it all the time haha 
Hiding them outside this weekend will be fun! We had a good week, Easton is rocking gymnastics now! We walked in and he went straight to his seat to sit and wait for roll :) He loves stretching, especially the part where they have to stretch down and to make them really reach, the teacher says to try and smell your feet, so he smells and then laughs every time saying "eeeew" So this week after going through their stations when they each had to demonstrate their favorite station she said, "Easton, show us your favorite." To which he sits down to do his stretch and smell his feet. haha oops 

I don't remember if I posted yet or not, but Easton got bumped up to see the neurologist next Wednesday because they had a cancellation! Anxious but glad he will be seen...I of course am leaving to go to Orlando that day with my students for state competition and can't go :( But I do not want to wait until June for him to be seen. Drake and my parents will all be going and hopefully we get some answers or something positive out of it.

This evening I had a photo shoot downtown, things are picking up again now that the weather is warming up. It's fun to do and I get some extra play money :)

I think that's it for now, sorry this post was all over the place. Have a Happy Easter weekend! 

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