Sunday, April 6, 2014

rainy day venting

This weekend has been a pretty uneventful one for us, it has been raining both days. It has been nice to bum around and just hang with d&e, take a family nap and do some cleaning. Friday we did go to our pediatrician's house for dinner and Easton got to play with the dogs. So, here is our plan of action...we are now getting a second day of speech therapy a week. This therapist will actually do therapy that is a little different, we might meet her at the park or go outside and things that Easton loves doing and mix in as much language as we can with him while doing these things. I'm excited for an extra day a week for him. Next, like I said before we will be going to see a neurologist and in addition she is going to send a referral for us to see a pediatric neuro psychologist. 

She was talking about how it is so hard to pinpoint what is holding Easton back with his speech, which is what the speech therapist keeps saying as well, so I asked her why is it so hard with him? She was saying that usually kid's that have trouble with speech have another area or more that they are having trouble with. Maybe their motor skills, maybe they have texture issues or a hard time eating and those things usually steer them in a direction as to what the problem is and you know which way to go with treatment. Well, Easton is at or above where he needs to be in everything else, which is wonderful but that is what is making this so confusing. 

We did go to church this morning...I really needed it. We have not been since Easton's seizure because for the first couple months we were scared to not be around him, we were so shaken up by that whole event. Then we didn't want him to go and cry the whole time which is literally what he did every Sunday when we did go. We talked with the speech therapist about it because we want Easton around the other kids and we want to be in church but she said him crying the whole time isn't doing anything for anyone. So she suggested if the church would let us, for one of us to go in and stay in the room for one day...not interact with him at all, but just be there hanging out quietly in the corner. Then the next week do the same and walk out with 15 minutes or so left in church and come back to get him and work our way up each week until he goes the whole time. I know some of you think that is crazy and, "oh he will figure it out, just drop him off." But it was literally a few months of crying the whole time when we did try to do that with no progress, sometimes he fell asleep he would get so exhausted from being so upset. So, if you don't agree, you can keep it to yourself. 

Anyways, today was great! Drake went in and just ignored him the whole time but he got to where he went and played and finally started to feel comfortable. I sat in church by myself and heard some things I needed to hear and just sat there by myself with tears in my eyes. He talked about how genuine faith=abundant joy. How so many of us walk around this sinful world moping with worry. We think our life is good and we have a little Jesus here and a little Jesus there...but if we take all of him our lives will go from good to great if we have that genuine faith. I of course think about Easton and if you can't tell have been consumed by all of this speech stuff just hoping that it is only a delay that he can get caught up with. I want to have that genuine faith and know that Easton is going to start talking and telling us stories before we know it. ♥ 


  1. I hope you all figure out the reason behind his delay shortly. I think not knowing can be so hard, sometimes I would rather hear the bad diagnosis so I can just move forward, rather than thinking about it and not knowing. (NOT that I think he is going to have a bad diagnosis, I am just saying in general).
    I think the idea of having someone go in with him at church is a great one. It gives him a safety net while allowing him to venture out more. I hope that it works for you all, so you and Drake can go to church together!

  2. I'm glad you were able to get to church yesterday. We started out the day in PISS POOR moods with each other (Charlie and I) and I definitely needed that reset time. At our church, the kids are with us the opening 15 minutes, then after the children's sermon they leave for Sunday School, and the teachers bring them back at the end of church. The only exception is on Communion Sunday (like yesterday) where they bring them back during communion for the older kids who want to participate. Stella didn't want to go back out to Sunday School after that, so we just let her stay with us for the last 15 minutes of the service as well. We've found that to be a good balance b/c we actually get to concentrate on the sermon in the middle, but Stella gets practice sitting quietly with us during the service too. :) I hope you can figure out a way to get Easton more comfortable with being away from you while you're there!

    Praying all the time that his speech picks up by leaps and bounds soon...


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