Thursday, April 3, 2014

thirty and feeling purty

For my birthday present I got a photo shoot with an amazing team of photographers in Destin and I was so excited. Taking pictures would have been fun enough, but I got my hair and make up done too, so I felt great! I got some of my preview pictures already and I am in love! ♥ 

 why yes, I did come close to losing my balance on that beam and falling in the water. :)
 Something else exciting that happened this week, is that we bought a lot! We don't have plans to build on it just yet because our current house is in walking distance of the school that Easton will go to for K-2nd grade so we want to stay here for that. But, we have had our eyes on lots in this area for a while and one finally went up for sale. We are SO excited and plan to take our time and build our dream house on it one day. In love with the lake in our back yard...Easton will get to feed the ducks and go fishing! ♥ 
 Trying to remember this today...
 Easton had speech and she recommended that we get an appointment with a neurologist. I already have our pediatrician sending a referral. She sent me the name of where we will be going and it is a pediatric neurologist that has great ratings. We just want to see if there is something else that may be holding Easton back with his speech...did his seizure cause a problem? Drake is definitely my rock through all of this.  I love these two so much! ♥


  1. First, your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Like amazing. WOW!!! By the way, YOU DO NOT look like you've had a baby one bit!!! SO jealous!
    Second, what awesome news buying a lot and planning ahead for the future! I can already tell Easton is going to love the lake!
    Third, I am praying for your appointment with the neurologist. I pray that nothing is seriously wrong and that God will give you guys peace and guidance as to where to proceed with Easton. I never thought about his seizure being linked to his speech before, but like you said, don't stress or worry about it now. All you can do is count your blessings, you have a beautiful, healthy son and family! Watching the video of him talking put a huge smile on my face, it sounds like his articulation is improving! Praying still!

  2. Oh my goodness!
    What an amazing birthday present!
    And can I say you nailed it!
    Amazing job!

    That video brought me to tears. He is such a sweet boy! So much determination in those eyes.
    Not to mention the progress. You are truly blessed!
    I know good things are on the horizon for him. And you all!!

    Keeping Easton in my thoughts and prayers.


    1. Aww thanks! He does try very hard and it breaks my heart.

  3. This pictures are absolutely stunning! What a fun birthday present to get pampered and all dolled up and then get to have a photo session with a photographer. I'm sure a little piece of this was for Drake too, no? :)

    The idea of building a dream home on your new piece of land, pond included sounds just like that - a dream. How lucky that you were able to jump on the opportunity when it came up.

    And I hope everything goes well with E's appointment, he is so cute in that video!

    1. haha yes we did a portion of the shoot just for Drake :) Thanks for the sweet comment


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