Thursday, May 1, 2014

Drying off

Well this has been an eventful couple of days. We were expecting heavy rain Tuesday night but no one was prepared for what came through. This is our front yard...with Sydney's car floating in it, she was over when this all happened. 
 It was such a bad storm. The worst was when water started coming in our front and back doors and the radar was showing red for a while longer, and it was moving so slow. Here are a couple shots from around town...

 Overall we are very lucky, but we did spend yesterday ripping up carpet and trying to save wood it is looking like we might have to rip out sheet rock :( Of course no one around here has flood insurance, so it's all on us. Just trying to take one day at a time right now. The weather did damage some schools, so I was off the last two days. I spent the day with Easton bowling, going on a bike ride and doing bubbles. He makes everything better! ♥ 
Easton also had his neurologist appointment last week and my parents and Drake loved her! She spent an hour just answering questions. She ordered some lab work to see if he has any deficiencies in his blood, and if that comes back clear then she will do a scan of his brain in 4 months. We are also trucking along with 2 days of speech now...the program he is in now ends when he turns 3, but we are talking about a program that is through the school board where he would go starting in August that would go from about 8-12 each day and focus on his speech. It will be so stinking hard at first because of how clingy he is, but I am excited deep down because I think a routine and being around other kids will help him so much too. Lab work is Monday which will be miserable but we are truckin along and still praying that all will turn out okay. 

Back to work tomorrow, lots to do...

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  1. Geez that is crazy! I am so sorry that you have this to deal with.

    We are putting Avery in full time preschool this August and I am nervous because she spends 3 days a week with family or friends now, so this will be a difficult change. But I am looking forward to structure and a focus on learning. Ugh, they are getting so big!!!!!


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