Monday, May 19, 2014

loving life

Hey guys! So last week we went to visit Easton's school and I think, ready or not, Easton will start in August. So bittersweet. A couple huge positives for me are 1. Easton will get speech therapy everyday while he is there and we really liked the speech teacher, she seemed to really care and asked us a lot of questions about Easton. 2. Because of the more intense therapy needed by the kiddos in his class, there is a 3-1 student teacher ratio and I believe they are looking at a total of 6 kids in his class next year. 3. Easton seemed comfortable. Overall he is shy with new things, but was exploring and showed an interest in the other kids. I think that him being strong in all other areas besides speech will make him feel confident and make him feel like a helper with the kids who are maybe in there for a delay in their motor skills for example. 

We have a meeting set up for this Thursday to set up everything and discuss our goals for Easton over the next school year. My main thing is that I want to make sure he is still challenged academically. He is a super smart kid and although he needs help with his expressive speech, I want to make sure he is pushed in all areas. It is a little hard for me to swallow the pill that I am a teacher and my baby needs extra help to get caught up in an area, but I will make sure that he has the best opportunities possible to get caught up before he starts school. I think the scariest part for us is that he can't tell us how things are going. Does he like it? Did he have a good day? I will just continue to trust God with his plan for us and Easton as we move forward. Until's almost time to enjoy a fun filled summer with my buddy! ♥ 

Friday evening we went to Gallery Night and Easton loved walking around exploring the streets. It is definitely one of my favorite local things to do and I am excited that they have decided to have it once a month now. Easton got a balloon, danced in the streets and hung out with super heroes. 

Saturday we were up and loaded the car for a quick weekend away. Drake and I went to Panama City for a delayed anniversary weekend after having to reschedule twice because of rain. We got there around lunch time and went to Pier Park and ate at Dick's Last Resort. It was fun, the waiters are very sarcastic and funny. :)
 After lunch we spent most of the afternoon by the pool just soaking up the sun and listening to music. Later that night we went to Firefly for a nice dinner. It was really good. So nice to just sit and really enjoy each other and celebrate our love ♥ 
 Yesterday we slept in! (Best part of the trip every year haha) and then went shopping before heading home. Always so thankful to my parents for keeping Easton while we go. Now back to work...a long weekend ahead and then exam week and we are on break!! xoxo


  1. I'm so glad Easton will be able to get such focused help, you can't beat the small teacher to student ratio either! I think that your concerns with him being challenged enough in other areas is valid, that being said, you guys are such awesome parents and have exposed him to lots of other activities (gymnastics for example) and I think continuing programs like that will continue to push him onward! He seems like such a smart boy, I think him being able to "help" the other kids in his class will not only boost his self-esteem, but help him with his speech. It's SO scary for him to start school, and the first week will more than likely be the toughest, but I'm sure he will adjust really fast, especially since you've already introduced him to it. Keep driving by and get him excited about "school", we do that periodically with Aiden with the preschool he'll attend in December. :-) You guys are doing such a great job with Easton, he's so adorable and I think the picture at the top of your blog with you 3 smiling is one of the best family pictures you've taken yet! Happy belated anniversary! How are things going with your house after the flooding and all that?

    1. Thank you Heather! We actually took him to his school the other evening and went to the playground on campus, just to let him be there again and see that it is a fun place :) It will be hard in the fall, but I am excited for him to get more help. Life will be so much easier for all of us when he can actually tell us what is wrong or what he wants!

  2. You know what I'm gonna say...I am so so so jealous that you went to Panama City! My brother went over spring break and found the house we stayed in/got married at and sent me a picture. It was bittersweet, knowing he was there and I wasn't, but I loved that he thought enough to go find it again. I'm glad you all got to enjoy your anniversary trip after all and it looks like a wonderful time.

    Easton's school sounds like it will be a great fit. I'm sure change will take some time to adjust; Chloe is starting in a pre-school program this fall too just two days a week and I know it will be hard for me those first few days. But until that time comes, enjoy the summer with your boy!

    1. haha you need to come back! We are near Pensacola Beach, an hour to Destin and two to PC. Thanks for the encouragement with Easton, I know I will need lots of pep talks when fall rolls around. :)


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