Sunday, May 25, 2014

Officially Summer

It is officially summertime and we are loving it. Although I still have one more week of work, we have enjoyed some out and about time the last few days. We went to a Wahoos game and Easton loved watching them play and going to the bounce house. Now that Sydney is working for them we can go anytime for free which is awesome! She even delivered Easton a snow cone to our seats :)

 A random hilarious picture from the other day as we were headed out for the day...I turn around and this is what I see :) haha 
Daddy letting Easton drive up at his work. Love my boys ♥ 
 Yesterday we went to my parent's house and Easton got to play with Georgia. They are too cute ♥ 
It's been a busy productive weekend so far, we went and picked out new wood floors since ours were damaged by the flooding, so we will be putting those in sometime in the near future. What a headache but the new wood will look nice. Well, I guess that's about it, I hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day tomorrow! 

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  1. Just curious...have you ever had Easton checked for a tounge tie/lip tie before? I just noticed that Aiden has an upper lip tie (He won't let me look under his tounge to see about that one) but his speech has been slow and hard to understand. I was reading online on a speech website that ties can sometimes affect things? Jus thought I'd throw that out there just in case that's something worth looking into?
    Also, I LOVE that you are almost on summer break too! Dustin is done next week (he's taking his bands and choirs to compete in Denver) and we are SO ready for him to be home with us! I swear, every time you post pictures of Easton, he's grown SO much! Enjoy your long weekend!


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