Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Playing, Pool and Painting

We've had a good few days since my last check-in. The usual day to day grind with work, Easton's speech and the gym. Drake snagged a quick little side job for a couple days helping a buddy with his landscaping for their new house. We all went over so they could unload plants and he brought his daughter to play with Easton. He LOVED her! :) He keeps pulling this picture up and pointing to it and saying bye bye so he can go see her again. He remembers the road they live on so when we drive by he points to turn and then covers his eyes (because they played hide and seek together) It's so sweet the ways he communicates with us since he cannot get the words out just yet. We will be going to see his school Thursday morning and I really hope I feel great about everything when I leave there. 
Our weekend was pretty low key, for Mother's Day I napped and we spent the afternoon at the pool. :) Easton loves going!
Finally yesterday I took my momma out for her Mother's Day gift, an evening at the dot shop. She painted a flower and I did a mason jar for the front door. It was a good evening ♥ 
 Here is my final product...
 Hope you are having a good week! xoxo

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  1. I LOVE the art project you did for the door!! We have a gift certificate to a place like that for Chloe that we need to use one of these days and I might just have to do a little project for myself too. :)


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