Wednesday, May 7, 2014

this and that

[Just a quick hop on with some random stuff going on lately]

*Easton got his blood drawn Monday and did amazing! No tears and they had to get a ton of blood so it took a while, he laid there still with his eyes closed and his bottom lip out. Of course they called the following day and have to get one more lab for something so we will go back again next week. ugh! 

*We will be going on a visit to the school Easton might be attending in the fall for his speech. Still so overwhelmed by the thought of dropping him off for that long but know it will be good. :)

*Drake and I get to go to Panama City next weekend, just us two! ♥ It is our yearly anniversary weekend away, but we had it scheduled for a weekend last month that had 100% chance of rain both days so they let us change the date, we are both excited! We decided to do Panama City this year to do something different, I can't wait! 

*Only 13 full days of school and 3 1/2 days left! I cannot believe it is almost summer break!

*Speaking of the break, I plan to make some fun videos with my new gopro! :) Just got it last night and plan to film us at the beach and pool having fun. 
*So if you recall, Easton's first week of gymnastics was a nightmare. He did not understand that he had to wait his turn or the concept of lining up, etc. But he is totally rocking it now! Here are a couple videos from my phone from class last night...
(waiting his turn for the trampoline)
(demonstrating his favorite routine for the day)

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  1. Easton looks SO tall! I'm glad to hear that he was so tough getting his blood drawn. I'm not sure Aiden would be so calm! How neat that you were able to check out his school too. Just like learning to wait his turn in gymnastics, Easton will adjust to being dropped off at school too. It would still be SO hard though! I'm glad you have such an awesome support system with your family to watch Easton, that must be such a relief. When I think of dropping Aiden off at preschool, I want to cry! SO thankful I haven't had to go back to work and I've been able to stay at home and avoid leaving my boys at daycare. I always joke that I'm going to be "that mom" who hovers in my boys' classrooms when they get older! LOL Happy Early Anniversary!


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