Monday, June 9, 2014

68 days of summer

Day 3 of 68: We had a play date in the morning with Brody :) I forgot to snag a picture of the boys because I was so busy catching up with Annie. We had a good time! After nap time we were out and about while daddy was working late, so we went to Target and I let Easton walk around and pick out a pool for the back yard. We ate ice cream and hung out. ♥ 
Day 4 of 68: Sydney and I went to Destin for a quick girl's weekend. We got there and went jet skiing which was awesome! I took my gopro and we got to play around with that too. We then walked around harbor walk and grabbed lunch and went to the pool. 
Then we went to the hotel to get ready and went back to the harbor walk for the night. We went to coyote ugly and night town. 
Day 5 of 68: Before coming home from Destin, we went and rode go-carts and went to some boutiques. We had a good time together. Once I got home, I changed and we were off to Trey and Danielle's new house to swim in the pool. Easton loved jumping in with his friends :)
Day 6 of 68: We went and hung out with Summer and Elle today :) Easton LOVES the pool! But he gets so giggly when the water gets high on his chest and cracks up with his mouth wide open, so a good bit of water is usually swallowed. He thinks its hilarious. 

I asked Easton to show me his muscles, and he did not hold anything back...
 We got cleaned up at Summer's house and met Drake, Kyle, Rose and the kids at Atlas for dinner. Kylie is in town for part of her summer break now too! 
 Typical attempt at a family picture these days...he has  too many other things to check out. 

 He loves looking at himself on the screen and making faces :) 
Kind of crazy how much we have already packed into this summer. It is already so amazing! ♥ 

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