Sunday, June 22, 2014


Last night Drake and I attended the Vision of Hope gala. Easton stayed with Summer and Chase and got to play with Elle all evening. The gala was awesome! The Vision of Hope is a program for adults with special needs, to try and help them find employment. Many of my students that I teach will hopefully be able to benefit from this organization upon aging out of my class and the school system once they turn 22. There is such a need for this! So many special needs adults turn 22 and have nothing left to turn to. Dr. Mahaffey invited us as guests at her table and it was an amazing time. 
 Hanging out with Pat ♥ 
 Boo Weekly was there and signed Easton's little putter we have for him so that was pretty cool. We were chatting with him on the our way out and he was headed to his truck to grab a beer. "I'm not about to pay $5 for a beer in there!" haha By far the richest man at the event and brought his cooler of beer. 
 After some amazing speakers and dinner, we had some fun at the photo booth before picking up Easton and heading home. 
I had a great time getting dolled up and spending the evening around some very happy and inspiring people. ♥

{Dress can be found here. Only fuchsia color is left}

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