Friday, June 20, 2014

on the go

 This summer continues to be so much fun, which of course also means that it is flying by way too fast! Last night we went out to another Wahoos game. Easton gets really into the games and really enjoys going. 
 So lately it has been very hard to get Easton to smile for his pictures, but I came up with a way to get a (very fake) smile every time. When we brush Easton's teeth we always say "open" and then "together" and "tongue" So I thought about it and tried saying "together" and bam! Instant fake smile haha I know totally random, but one of those little things I will like to read one day when I am old and looking back that will make me smile. :)
This morning we met up with Jenn and Rachel and the kids and all went to the NAS museum. They loved was a fun crazy time with the 5 of them all wanting to do a million different things at once. Dean and Easton were BFFs and kept holding hands and running up and down ramps cracking up. So sweet. 
We grabbed lunch and then headed home. Jenn said that Vivian asked her on the ride why Easton can't really talk back to them and she explained how Easton can understand everything she is saying and can do everything they can do, but just hasn't figured out his speech yet. Vivian sighed and said, "Well I am going to tell him that he has a really nice voice." So sweet. 

This evening we went to Gallery Night and walked around downtown. We went down to the kid area and Easton got to do the obstacle course bounce house with Kylie, got a balloon and listened to music. Always a good time at Gallery Night! Well, off to bed...ready for the weekend with my boys! ♥ 

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