Wednesday, June 25, 2014

spoiled rotten

I love to be on the go with Easton! Yesterday was very busy. We went to Mobile for the morning/afternoon and I took Easton to the Exploreum Science museum. It's awesome and he had a blast with all of the hands on activities. 

 His favorite part...himself. Big surprise haha

 Then last night after daddy got home we went to the funplex over in Gulf Breeze, they had "open bounce" going on and he was sliding and jumping all over the place. We attempted another "rest" time yesterday and no luck on napping in the big boy bed like expected. He just gets out and makes a mess in his room. :( The perk to that frustration, he slept until 8 this morning! haha 

Today we went to TJ Maxx and Target so far, just had lunch and plan to go play with Dean and Viv for a little bit until time for speech. This week is flying by. Slow down summer! 

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  1. What a fun day! So I have to go back and read your post on moving him out of the crib, but can he open doors yet? I know we need to think (again) about getting Chloe out of hers, but she can open doors and I know wouldn't stay put in her room for quiet time. I doubt she will nap ever once she's out of her crib anymore which will be a sad, sad day. :)


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