Friday, July 25, 2014

slow down

Another week has somehow managed to slip through my fingers meaning I have 2 weeks of break left :( I'm going to do my best not to think about it and soak in the remaining time I have. I can handle the whole going back to work thing-with minor complaining of course haha but I am getting so anxious about Easton's school. ughhh I just want this sweet boy to be taken care of. He joined into the praying this week for his speech. ♥ 
 When Drake gets home I head to the gym and have enjoyed taking classes again, surfset class is new to me and I love it! 
 Nothing crazy out of the ordinary this week in our world...I went up to work yesterday and knocked out a good bit. I love my kids! They could be at the beach or doing cool teenager stuff, but they come up and help me paint and clean our classroom. 
Finally, today we went to the pool with Rose, Kylie and Georgia. Easton loves them :) He is getting so much better at closing his mouth while kicking and relaxing in the water instead of getting so giggly. 
Excited for a fun weekend ahead with d&e. xoxo

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