Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Fun

We had a good weekend! Saturday we went to Destin with my parents and ended up being gone ALL day. We went to the beach for 3 hours because it was perfect weather and the water was clear and felt awesome. Easton loved Drake holding him and they were just relaxing and going up and down with the waves. After the beach we went shopping and to dinner before heading home. 
Yesterday we went to Jonah's 4th birthday party. This picture cracks me up :) 
 Easton was not a big fan of this water slide because it had water spraying out on your head when you got to the top that he didn't like, so he spent most of his time on the trampoline and loved that. Here he is with his best friend Dean :) 
 Joe took Easton down the slide since he wasn't going on his own haha

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