Saturday, August 23, 2014

big week

Last week was such a big week for us and I'm honestly glad it is over, my nerves are shot. But, after stressing and some rough mornings all is good now! So as far as school goes, Monday Easton was just overwhelmed by everything and had big eyes looking around at everything, and didn't cry until later during his breakfast. Tuesday was awful, clinging and crying. Wednesday was a little whiny but I went in and got him started on breakfast and got him distracted before sneaking out and we had no tears. By Thursday we had no tears with me dropping him off at the door with his teacher and telling him bye-bye :) Then Thursday evening he kept asking for "cool" annnddd finally on Friday I get this picture from his teacher :) 

Now he understands that we will be back to get him and he likes it, I am so happy! He has made us some cute things already that I will keep forever ♥ I get a daily note with how his day went, what they did and any other things I need to know, which helps a lot. It still kills me that he can't tell me how his day went or any details about it, but knowing he likes it now makes me feel good. 
In addition to a crazy week of transition for school, we started soccer on Thursday.
 We did stay with the older 3-4 age group and I think it will be fine. 
 The poor coach was trying but...trying too do too much with kids this age. She was trying to do drills and as she is explaining and having them all standing on a cone or sitting on their ball waiting and by the time she was done explaining you would have 3 kids dribbling their balls off and as she would try and go get them back on their spot 3 more were leaving her drill hahaha About mid-way through there were about 4 of us who jumped out to help, it was hard to watch. 

 Oh and their field is right next to the you can imagine the focus that the kids had for soccer :)
 Easton did awesome when they split up and they went fast one at a time dribbling to the goal and shooting, get the ball back in line and going again. :)
 But then they end with a scrimmage...eleven 2-4 year olds on this little field all going at once. Geez. So you had 10 kids running for the ball in a big herd kicking for it, some trying to pick it up and Easton is just standing there watching them like they are crazy :) His eyes big...just like the first day of school look. 
 So, hopefully practices will be a little better organized after that hot mess, and I hope that just like everything else that is new and overwhelming at first for Easton, he will understand what soccer practice is all about and by game time he will be kicking butt! :) 


  1. LOL, I can't even imagine what scene that must have been. I'm glad you went with the 3-4 year old age group!

  2. I hope Easton's week goes much smoother! Aiden starts preschool next week. YIKES! I love those soccer pictures, so adorable!!!


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