Monday, August 18, 2014

First day of pre-K was a big day at our house :) I had Easton's breakfast, snack and lunch packed, forms filled out, clothes laid out...the first day of school! My stomach was in knots. I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best. 
 We both went to drop Easton off and we actually had to take him to the cafeteria first for breakfast which I wasn't pumped about because he had never been in there. He was just taking it all in, looking overwhelmed but just hanging out. A 2 year old in a lunchroom filled with kids up to 5th grade everywhere. Yikes. I have to drop him off the earliest we are allowed (7:55) so I can get right to work, so he was the only one from his class in there with the teacher's assistant. I told him we were going bye bye to work and daddy was going to pick him up later. He said bye bye and was just taking it all in. I left and was quickly thrown into teacher mode getting to work and getting ready for my kids to come walking in for their first day with me. 
 After my TV production class the teacher texted me a picture of him eating snack and said he was doing great! I was so excited and asked if he cried. She said he did a little bit at breakfast but once they got to the room he did great. 
 I think he liked it :) He stayed on green and made a school bus picture.
 I'm so glad that it seems like it will be a smooth transition for everyone. It helps that he is in a very small class and the teacher sends me updates :) 
 Our boy is growing up. ♥ 


  1. I love his little personalized backpack! Glad to hear the day went well. I can't imagine doing this with Stella in another year or two! Knowing her, she's going to love it though, and I'll be the only sentimental one. :)

  2. I haven't blogged about it yet, but we found out last week that Aiden qualifies for speech therapy and that a local pre-k will offer services for him FREE twice a week. It's only for 4 hours total, but I'm already having a hard time thinking of him going off to school. It just doesn't seem possible for him to be growing up. I will be taking a picture of him holding a pre-k sign, like Easton did too. :-) Gotta have it for the photo book!
    I'm so happy that Easton had a great first day and I love that his teacher will give you updates during the day too. Is his pre-k all day and do your parents pick him up then if it's not?

  3. He is so stinkin cute! We are going to go through this in a couple weeks, and I haven't had time to start worrying about it, but it's quickly approaching. I hope Chloe does well! And that's awesome that you get updates from the teacher!


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