Friday, August 15, 2014

Need opinions

Okay, so I got a text last night from Easton's soccer coach saying "Hey this is Jessica the coach for the 3-4 year old hornets..." telling us practice is next Thursday to start the season. I text her back asking if there is a 2-3 year old league because he is currently 2 so I wanted to make sure we are in the right place for practice. She said that the 2 year olds are all in one league, just 2 year olds and then the other one is for 3-4 year olds. Ughhh

So, she said we might have a choice since Easton is kind of in the middle of the cutoff age stuff and we are stuck! Should we have him with all 2 year olds even though he turns 3 during season? Or do we have him with 3-4 year olds? Him being 2 and the thought of a 4, maybe almost 5 year old playing freaks me out.

We keep going back and forth and everyone I have talked to has said different things, there is definitely not one consistent opinion here. I think I am leaning to play up, but because of his speech delay I hate the thought of him feeling like he can't communicate at all when everyone else is talking to each other, so then I lean towards playing with the younger ones. It's tough. But I also know he has a speech delay, so I don't want to hold him back in other areas of his life because of it.

*His best buddy Dean joined the league specifically to play with Easton and he is already 3 so is on the 3-4 year old hornet team.Easton would know a familiar face and might benefit from being around the older kids talking.

*If he plays with the smaller kids it might help build his confidence. Being around bigger kids who are talking and who have maybe played in the league before might make him go back in his shell.



  1. Hm... definitely a hard decision. I would tend to say let him play with the 3-4 yr olds, just b/c I know how much Stella LOVES being around kids a little older than her, but the speech thing is tough. Does he have other friends a little older that he enjoys being around?

    1. Thanks for replying jos! I know I am stressing and Easton will probably have a blast no matter which team he is on. But yes, except for his cousin Georgia, everyone he I around when we do play dates and hang out with friends is older and he is fine.

  2. I say let him play up. He may be encouraged by the older kids and be more inclined to play on their level, whereas he might be held back a little by the younger crowd. Most of my daughter's play mates are older than her and I am always shocked to see her come out of her shell a little more with them and do things that I didn't realize she could do. Either way, you know he will have fun!

  3. I think I would let him play up. From the adorable videos you've posted of Easton's AMAZING soccer skills, I think he would benefit (and probably out play) some of the older kids anyway. It might help him to be around the older kids too. The one thing I would worry about is the communication thing as well though. The other day,we were playing at the park and an older boy asked Aiden "why do you talk funny?" It seriously broke my heart and I wanted to smack the kid! (I'm a mama bear)
    Needless to say, as a mom my only concern would be making sure the other kids and coach were kind to Easton. Let us know what you decide to do! I can't wait to see pictures of Easton playing soccer!


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