Thursday, August 28, 2014

So much better

Saturday after Easton went to bed, I headed downtown with Sydney. It was our last time hanging out before she left for Gainesville Tuesday. I hate that she is leaving but glad that her job brought her here for the summer and even allowed her to be our roomie for a month haha Love this girl!
 Easton had practice Tuesday and it was so much better! Apparently the coach had some suggestions thrown her way after our first practice and it was a lot better. They did things like dribbling while playing red light, green light...and fun kid games incorporated into soccer. It was awesome...until the scrimmage. 
 Easton and another boy ran into each other and the kid's head hit Easton's mouth. He fell and started screaming. His hand was up to his mouth and when he moved it there was blood all over his mouth, hand and face. :(
He got lots of popsicles that night and thankfully he didn't need stitches or anything. of many sports injuries in his life I'm sure. 

School is awesome. Easton is so happy when I drop him off and apparently has a crush on a little girl Alyssa in his class. :) I have awesome kids this year in my classroom...we are just rockin our new routine ♥ 

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