Wednesday, August 6, 2014

soccer and speech

We took Easton to break in his cleats this evening :) I love watching him get so into sports. ♥ 

Today was also Easton's last day of speech with the program he was in. They stop services right before the client enters the school system. It was kind of sad, I have really gotten used to seeing our therapist every week for 8 months. She knows Easton better than anyone that isn't family. I appreciate her because of the love and effort she put into helping Easton every week. 

In addition to that stopping, we had our neurologist appointment the other day. Nothing much to report besides getting the print outs of the blood work he had, which is a good thing because if he had not progressed since the last visit, she was going to do an MRI of his head, which would require I am happy with the boring check-in appointment we had. We will go back in February to see what the progression is after being in school. 

Happy hump day. 

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