Friday, August 1, 2014

what I will miss

I sure am going to miss not knowing what day of the week it is and the feeling of having time go a little faster than normal because we are having so much fun. It's been another full week since I posted on here, and we have literally been in the water everyday since. Chlorine, fresh and salt thankful for these days!

I will miss Kylie after she goes back to Jacksonville for the school year. We spent last Sunday out at krul lake with her and my parents, they camped out there Saturday night. We swam and rode our bikes all morning. This will go down as the day that Pop almost drowned-just ask Kylie about it, the story has already gotten more and more elaborate each time it is told :)

I will miss having nowhere to be...not caring what time it is because we have nothing to do all day. Spending a Monday at the beach instead of starting a work week. 
I will miss the hot summer days, wearing a bathing suit all day and not having to do my hair or make up. :)
I will miss getting the extra time to catch up with friends. 
But most of all I will miss spending everyday with Easton. I can't believe he starts school in a couple weeks! How is it already August?!
I have never been so worn out...chasing him all over the place and the fact that he dropped his nap this summer means no down time...but I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

Last night we all went to the beach when Drake got off. I was sitting on the beach talking to Syd while d&e went for a walk on the pier. I was soaking up the evening time breeze while we were talking about life and the future. I told her that when I am old and retired she could find me right where we were sitting. The evening at the beach is definitely my happy place. She asked what I would do out there, and I said I'm sure I  will sit out here and think back to these days and wish I could have them back. 
I am going to miss this summer, not only when I go back to work but when I look back in the future at this time in my life. We have had an amazing summer! Easton has grown up out of his crib and into wearing his big boy underwear. It's been a big summer for us and will be an even bigger fall-school and starting sports! Being Easton's mom is the most amazing gift I could ever ask for. So thankful! ♥ 

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