Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Fun!

Well, fall "officially" starts in a couple days, but it has actually felt kind of nice outside the last couple days (for Florida), so I wasted no time getting out some fall decorations and lighting pumpkin candles! Hopefully it's here to stay as we go into fall and not just playing a sick joke on us :) Last night we went to gallery night and had a great time. We took Easton to the kid area and he had the bounce house all to himself. We walked around and ran into my parents and did a photo booth with them ♥ 
This morning we were up and at the soccer fields. 
 Easton is so cute out there :)
 flirting ♥ 

 After that we went to maritime for a kid's day event. Easton had fun checking everything out. 

 Of course his favorite part was rolling down the hill. :)
 He loved the obstacle course! 
 It's been a good weekend so far! We will be heading to my brother's house soon for food and football. Happy Saturday!! 

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