Wednesday, September 24, 2014

hitting the town

This week is going good for our family ♥ Work and school are good...I really need to sit down and update about Easton's speech and school soon-we are so happy with how everything is going! The cool weather in the morning and evenings has been is good all around right now :) 

So, Drake and I decided this week that we would each have an afternoon to go do whatever we wanted while the other one had Easton. Yesterday was Drake's day and he went to play golf with my dad. So while he was doing that, Easton and I went into town with no plan in mind and ended up having a great time! 
 We went to a shopping area where I planned to just run into hobby lobby to grab a fall door decoration, but when I pulled in I realized they had the yearly Halloween store set up on the other side of the shopping center, so I parked in the middle and we walked over to the Halloween store which Easton loved! That turned into walking down to the pet store, which turned into walking to O'Charleys for a dinner date :) 
I had so much fun just hanging out with Easton for the afternoon ♥ Then, today was my day while the boys hung out. Of course I went to the mall for shopping and got a mani/pedi. :) 

I think we might start doing this switch off like once a month. haha Obviously all of our evenings as a family are awesome, but this little plan was great! There is something so special about that one on one time with Easton...and then obviously a day of "me" time is so refreshing. 

Happy Hump Day! ♥ 

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  1. How fun that your random trip turned into a fun-filled afternoon! That's a great idea to switch on and off. I really struggle with finding the balance of me time, JJ and me time, family time, etc. JJ's birthday is Sunday and I am giving him a year of dates (one a month) and we WILL stick to it! We never make time for ourselves anymore.


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