Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long weekend!

We had a great long weekend! Saturday we did some cleaning and then went over to my parent's house for football. Kylie was here for the weekend so after we left, we headed to the park to play. Easton loves his cousins!
When we said our prayers this weekend, Drake and I said what we wanted to say and then we told Easton good night. He quickly put his hands back together, closed his eyes and said, "Girl...Ah ya-ya...Amen" :) Ah ya-ya is him saying Alyssa-his little crush in his class. haha! So sweet.

Sunday we did more work around the house including some things in the back yard, Easton's party will be back there in a week and a half! Of course he had to be a part of everything happening :)
 So, Easton was going to school from 8-12 and getting picked up before "rest time" because he didn't nap all summer and school was all new to him so I didn't want him to be the kid being disruptive during nap. Well, last week we decided to try and let him stay just to see how he would do since he was comfortable there now and between school and soccer, he was getting so tired in the evenings. So Thursday and Friday he stayed and slept both days! :) Seeing the other kids sleep helps I'm sure, so that was a relief. That also meant that Pop and Nanny would start picking him up at 1:45 and having him at their house from 2-4. Since they only have him 2 hours a day and Monday was a holiday, I asked for a date night and they said no problem ♥ It's been a couple months since we had a date so it was really nice!
We ate at Jacos on the water and just sat there and enjoyed not moving haha
Finally, yesterday we did our little day trip to Destin that we normally do near Easton's birthday. We started with lunch at The Fish Bowl.
And then it always includes a stop at build-a-bear

After he got his bear, we went to Bass Pro shop where he loves looking at the fish.

I had to do it! :) My yearly comparison... I can't believe he is going to be 3 next week!


  1. Oh my gosh, those comparison shots!! Wasn't he that little like yesterday?? I'm curious how Chloe will due with nap time at school too. They only lie down for 45 minutes, which I think to myself they probably no sooner get settled and drift off before they wake up, why not just keep them up and let them nap at home? We'll see though. Your weekend sounds wonderful and I'm glad you were able to squeeze a date night in. JJ and I desperately need one.

    1. Yea I agree on the 45 minute thing! I guess it ends up being about an hour and a half for e. And yes...you need to squeeze in that date night! :)

  2. I just LOVE that yearly comparisson picture of him in front of the fish tank. I can't believe we are going to have 3 year olds next week! It just doesn't seem possible!! That's terrific Easton is loving school and that he's back to napping. If Aiden decides to drop his nap soon I think I might die. Mama needs her nap time too! LOL Have you noticed a difference in Easton's speech since he's at school now? Aiden starts on Wed. and his teacher keeps saying that she thinks it will be more helpful to have him hear how other kids are talking, instead of one on one speech here at home. I sure hope so. I know I'm going to be sad that he's heading off to school, but thankfully it's only 4 hours a week for now!

    1. Of course we tried to lay with him and do different things this weekend to continue the napping, but nope! No rest time for mom and dad! Gah. Of course my dad texted a bit ago and another nap at school though! haha

      I know it's only been 2 weeks but Easton has already added some more words (or word approximations that we understand) and just babbles more and more. I am so hopeful that school is going to do so much for him! His teacher seems awesome and gives detailed daily reports on what they are working on and what he did each day. Can't wait to hear how school goes for you guys!


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